The second race weekend in the young team history will take the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E team to the Santiago E-Prix in Chile this weekend.

The Chilean capital has been part of the racing calendar for four seasons, making it the third time that an E-Prix has been held this year. After the debut in February 2018 took place on a track at Parque Forestal, the teams have been on a course at Parque O'Higgins since last year on.

For the third edition this year, the route has been significantly rebuilt and slightly shortened in all sectors. In the course of this, the chicane was removed, among other things. The pilots expect a total of eleven turns, including eight left and three right turns. The new route length is 2, 287 km, the full throttle portion is 50%. The changed route should also lead to the highest top speeds of the season.


Particular attention is paid to the expected high temperatures in Santiago, which already caused a huge challenge last season. During the race, the air and track temperatures reached peak values ​​of just under 38 ° C and more than 46 ° C. This made warfare Santiago 2019 the hottest E-Prix in the history of Formula E.

After the unexpected success at the start of the season in Diriyah, the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E team traveled to Chile as the leader in the team classification for the third race of the season. After two of 14 season runs, the drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries took second place and nine in the drivers' standings. The Santiago E-Prix will open next Saturday, 18. January at 16: 00 local time (20: 00 CET).

Voices before the Santiago E-Prix 2020

Ian James, Team Principal: “Our debut in Formula E gave the team an enormous motivation boost. Both Nyck and Stoffel have performed exceptionally well and the whole team has shown what they can do. Apart from the two podium finishes, we have demonstrated a certain level of consistency in our efficiency. At the same time, you could see that used to be is what characterizes Formula E: the races are unpredictable and the qualifying format is a special challenge of its own. In the past few weeks we have looked closely at everything, we used to be during our first two races have learned. We would now like to continue on this path in Chile. Now it is a matter of maintaining the necessary focus. Unlike in Saudi Arabia, the high temperatures in Santiago are certainly a challenge. That is why we are sticking to our original goal, which is to finish in the points with both cars. Above all, the team wants to finally get out on the racetrack again! ”

Stoffel Vandoorne: “United states has had a long Dwell since the first two races of the season in Saudi Arabia. It quickly feels like they were a little while ago. That's why I'm really looking forward to finally racing again. Santiago will be an enormous challenge for us. Last year it was extremely hot there and this time it should be the same. It's one of the toughest races of the season, especially when it comes to dealing with the heat. This places a heavy load on the drivers, the cars and the batteries. I hope that we can continue our performance from Diriyah this weekend. That was a fantastic debut for our team. ”

Nyck de Vries: “At the start of the year, united states is heading to Santiago for the second race weekend of the season. We've had a little Dwell in Diriyah since the start of the season, but I would have preferred it to be not that long. I felt we were prepared for Saudi Arabia intestine and had a good weekend. That is why I would have liked to continue and build on it directly. At the same time, it was also nice to relax a little after a hard year. Now I want to take the momentum of the good start weekend into the leisure of the season. America is aware of the challenges that united states can expect and how strong the competition is. That's why we take it step by step and keep our feet firmly on the ground. We focus united states on our tasks and let united states not be tempted by the positive start. “

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