There are voices in the ‘paddock’ calling for Goerge Russell to be Lewis Hamilton’s teammate in 2021, especially after the Sakhir GP show conceal, wherein he turned into a handful of laps away from winning in his first flee with Mercedes , in an prominent efficiency that most entertaining a Brackley pit error eventually thwarted.

Others contain even written that the young Briton, who will want to be in Williams for a third season, may possibly perhaps contain to be the well-known Mercedes driver, taking into sage Hamilton’s wage requests to renew, that are rumored between 50 and 70 million every Three hundred and sixty five days.

Lewis isn’t any stranger to the energy that Russell has been acquiring in these two years, and even compares his beginnings in F1 with these of Fernando Alonso, figuring out first in Minardi after which winning and attaining podiums with a Renault that turned into no longer the car no longer even faster in 2003 and 2004.

“What he has performed is comparable in a single blueprint to what Alonso did,” proclaims Hamilton in ‘GP Racing’. “Many proficient pilots proficient pilots want to starting up out in a smaller team, to later contain the different to develop, strengthen, be able to form mistakes after which lead a team from there,” says the seven-time champion, who by no methodology went through the relaxation admire this in his occupation. trajectory.

“I mediate this Three hundred and sixty five days, it turned into spacious how he handled all the things and what he did with that car. Striking it in Q2 barely on the total and handing over spacious outcomes is appealing at all,” says Hamilton.

Lewis believes that Russell will turn into a future champion, in step with what he displays at 22 years former “I’m in actuality impressed with his capability to retain an eye on races and the blueprint he is increasing and I in actuality mediate that he is the future. There are several drivers who are the future of the game, nonetheless he is one in all them and I’m very enraged to impress his development. I originate no longer contain any doubt that he has the aptitude to be a future champion, “says the most winning driver in F1.

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